OceanFlow Approval & Workflow system

Easy-to-use Approval & Workflow system
OceanFlow Approval & Workflow system is an easy-to-use and cost-effective electronic approval system. It runs quickly and adapts easily to existing document approval processes. The system allows user to approve e-doc with e-signature and e-chop without printing. Organizations simplify and automate the approval process with the system.


  • Seamless integration with OceanFax


  • Electronic approval process: It allows organizations the paperless-driven approval process to reduce paper use and labor, and accelerates the approval process with pre-set template to improve efficiency
  • Chop control: Encrypt chop and signature for security and provides chop sharing feature to accelerate approval speed
  • Approval log: Record the information of each approval process, including approver, approval time and date, document type, and etc. to effectively control the approval speed and prevent any delay
  • Archive and retrieve approved documents: The system auto generates ref numbers for the approved documents during the approval process. It allows user to quick retrieve the approved documents by serial numbers. And there are multiple choices for the document archive
  • Integrated with Fax Solution and Mail service: The system allows the applicant to submit the document for approval via fax software or Email to the approver or other departments to accelerate the document delivery


  • Out of the box with no additional programming is required
  • Reduce paper use
  • Easy to review approval process and chop usage
  • Enhance security
  • Use existing form
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